Monday, 7 August 2017

What Are The Best Tips To Know When Your Beloved Dogs Are Afraid Of Using Doggy Doors?

Having a pet friend is a beautiful experience for the owner of the pet as it allows him/her to experience life in a different light. Understanding the reciprocation of affection in a non-verbal manner is a very precious feeling.

The busyness of pets  

In many houses where pets are present a door is made within the frame of the door of the house. This is called a pet door or in some cases a doggy door. Dogs as pets are quite dextrous and often wish to go out in the adjacent garden but it is not always possible to remain standing near the main door to allow the pet dog to go out and to come in. See here and learn more ways to train your pet to use the pet door.

But keeping the dog constantly inside the house might affect the behaviour of the pet. The pet might start scratching or biting the mattress or the sofa. In order to avoid all these problems it is better to allow the dog to go out often. Also, know more valuable information about the security of having a pet door to put your mind at ease.

Removing anxiety of pets related to doggy doors
A doggy door solves the issue but at times the pet dog might refuse to go through the doggy door. This can happen due to apprehension. If the pet is afraid due to any reason then making it learn the process of using a doggy door might be a bit tricky, in such cases one can use the following methods:

Using favourite toys: Keeping the favourite toy near the doggy door might urge the pet to come near the door.

Pushing the pet door: Without making any move to take the dog out through the doggy door one can simply keep on repeating the process of opening the flap by means of pushing again and again before the pet.

Standing outside the pet door: A person can stand outside near the doggy door and lift the flap and allow the pet dog to come towards the door. The owner can also have the favourite toy in his/her hand and beckon the pet towards him/her.

Holding the flap: The flap of the door should be held in the initial stages of training because if the flap hits the pet dog then it might further intimidate him. The primary task is to make the dog move through the door present for him then the next step should focus on getting used to the movement of the flap

Gradually allowing the pet to feel the cover of the door: Each day while training the person should allow the pet dog to feel the cover more and more till a point when he becomes comfortable feeling the complete pressure of the covering of the doggie door.

Refrain from using force: The owner should never attempt to use force for pushing the pet through the doggy door because it will make the pet even more scared. Check this blog post for more tips about doggy door especially patio pet door.

The above mentioned processes can aid in resolving the problem of anxiousness in pets while using doggy doors.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Inherent Facts about Electronic Pet Doors – Pros & Cons

As a part of your pet’s daily routine, you will have to let it go outdoors a number of times each day to relieve itself and to get some exercise. Ignoring your pet’s pleas to go outside will inadvertently result in potty accidents indoors or  a hyperactive pooch. Installing an electronic pet door helps you to resolve this dilemma. It gives your pet the freedom to enter or leave your house as it pleases without having to bother you.

A pet door consists of a small opening at the base of your door with a movable flap to block access to the outside. While most traditional pet doors open and close as soon as your pet pushes though the flap, automatic pet doors are more selective.  All automatic pet doors operate either on batteries or on electricity and only responds to a remote control device attached to your pet’s collar. When your pet approaches the door within a five-foot radius, the door automatically opens. This is because the collar sends a magnetic or radio frequency signal to the door, which opens automatically to let your pet inside. The door then automatically shuts and locks as soon as your pet enters the house. The door can also be activate manually or turned off altogether. Visit the official website to know more information.

Electronic pet doors are usually more costly as compared to traditional pet door. The cost of such doors will vary according to the size and features of the door. Some pet door systems even work with a hidden electronic fencing system especially for dogs. The same collar frequency keeps your dog within your yard as the pet door opens. Many electronic pet doors feature an insulated weatherproof door that keeps out bugs, drafts and unpleasant weather. These electronic pet doors can either be installed in the wall or on base of your existing door.

An important advantage that electronic pet doors have over traditional doors is that as soon as your pet enters the house, the door automatically shuts and locks in the process. This prevents other unwanted neighbourhood pets, stray cats or wild animals from sneaking into your house through the door. As most electronic doors locks securely into place, unwanted human beings like burglars are unable to breaking into your house. Find Modern Pet Doors on Twitter to get the most latest news and deals on pet doors.

Electronic pet doors are not always prefect because they do get jammed, broken or your pet’s collar might come off when it is outdoors. This will prevent your pet from coming inside the house. To aviod such issues from happening, always check the system on a daily basis. You will also need to either change or charge the batteries attached to your pet’s remote collar transmitter and your door itself, to prevent your pet from being locked outside. If your electronic pet door system uses radio frequency signals, make sure that you keep other appliances and electronic devices a few feet away from the door so that it can function properly.

Electronic pet doors are an excellent way to maintain the cordial relationship between your pet and yourself but you must make sure that the system works properly.